Types of Modern Entertainment and the, When, Where, Who and How to Enjoy them.

Individuals have different preferences in entertainment, but most forms are recognisable and familiar to everybody.  From the earliest times, storytelling, drama, music and dance are entertainment performances that exist in all cultures.  At first, these entertainment forms were only for royal courts but over time became accessible to all citizens.

Entertainment can be adapted to suit any size or type of party, function or audience, from a single person to a global audience.  Entertainment is strongly associated with amusement, fun and laughter.

A few Modern Entertainments

A Ceremony or Celebration can include a Wedding, a Christening, a formal function or a birthday party.  These are enjoyed by family and friends

A Theatre Play, Opera or Ballet, where the audience’s role is mostly passive and they enjoy the watching of the story playing out in front of them.  Not all people enjoy plays and ballets.  Others may prefer Festivals and Rock Concerts.

Festivals, religious and other, are held in outside areas, where a lot of other attractions and entertainment are also available.  This is not just for the young.

Movies and TV attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Games of sports include all types of sports from Tennis, Cycling, Swimming Golf, etc.  Sports can be a team or single competitor event.  These sporting events also include both, participants and spectators in having fun and being entertained.

Even domestic functions can be turned into entertainment through modern technology.  Television programs do not only include movies and series or documentaries anymore.  A wide range of Food Preparation, Arts and Crafts, Sewing, and many more tutorials and competitions are being broadcast daily.

And then we still have the home entertainments, for example, Board Games, Video Games, and more.

A child’s game is unscripted and spontaneous and can entertain only the child but sometimes it might include an audience.

The conclusion is that entertainment for one individual might be work for another.  By doing the work to entertain another, the entertainer, through enjoying this work and having fun while doing it, is also entertained.

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