The Influence of The Entertainment Industry on our Daily Lives, Positives and Negatives

Everybody is exposed, on a daily basis, to entertainment delivered through other media, besides print and television.  Other media includes radio, movie films, in theatres and on DVD, compact disc, computers and access to the Internet.  The Entertainment Industry has a tremendous influence on our society.

Some of this exposure is educational and have positive inclinations, but a considerable large amount is violent in nature, provocative and has a negative influence.  Young and old are exposed to both good and bad influences, where the young are definitely more vulnerable for such content.

Negative realities of The Entertainment Industry

  1. The Perfect images portrayed of models and actors can cause feelings of unworthiness and incompetence in the real world. Nothing is ever as good as in the movie or game.
  2. An Unhealthy lifestyle can be the cause of Fast Food advertisements. Everything always looks tastier and wholesome portrayed through the media.  All the more if you have a favourite movie or sports star that is filmed eating the food.
  3. Negativity is a direct influence of the violence and ugly social practices showed in movies. Even video and TV-games for children have violence and fighting sequences.  Horror scenes can even influence adults.

Positive realities of the Entertainment Industry

  1. It is easier to do research. With the Internet’s widespread reach you can find whatever you need wherever and whenever you need it.
  2. Communication with family, friends and relatives is faster. Communication for your business can also be quicker and easier.  Placing orders, filling out orders and doing payments, etc. can be done via the internet.
  3. The correct Educational programs and information can help even smaller children to learn and adapt to the technologically run world on the outside.

Taking into account that the positive and negative realities of the Entertainment Industry, via media and internet, does exist.

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