The Doom Metal Music Genre

The Doom Metal Music Genre – A Definition and more

The Doom Metal music genre is an extreme style of Heavy Metal music.  Typically this music genre uses slower tempos and low-tuned guitars.  A much ‘thicker’ and ‘heavier’ sound is created through this and that makes it different from other metal music genres.  The music and lyrics, both, intend to create a sense of despair, dread and certain doom.

‘Place of Skulls’ have a well-known style and own kind of Doom Metal music.  Normally, Doom Metal, music’ riffs are going to be slow, and the guitars, very slow-sludge, with scary sounding vocalist, that you cannot understand.  This is not the case with Place of Skulls.  Instead, you will find quite the opposite.

9 Releases in Place of Skulls repertoire, including Albums, Singles and EPs

  1. Live! This is a self-released Cdr, Album.  The album features 10 tracks and was recorded live at The Prince in Knoxville Tennessee in 2000 and released in 2001.
  2. Nailed. There are two versions of this Album.  The first released in 2002 and the second in 2016, featuring 9 tracks.
  3. With Vision. This Album was released six times in 2003 on LP, CD, and Cdr format.  In 2016, a 12xFile, WAV, Album, RE was released.
  4. The Black is Never Far. This album features 13 tracks and was released twice in 2005 in CD format.  In 2012 it was released three times in LP format and in 2016 a 13xFile, WAV, Album, RE was released.
  5. As A Dog Returns. The Album was released twice in 2010 in a CD format.  In 2016 it was released in a 9xFile, WAV, Album, RE format.
  6. In-Graved. The Album was reissued on 17 June 2016 as an 8xFile, WAV, Album, format.  The Style included Doom Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Stoner Rock.

Their singles include, Place Of Skulls, The Fall and Love Through Blood.  They also feature Extended Play formats.

A fan described their music as “sounding great and I can hear all the instruments and vocals in their proper place”, a must for all Metal fans.