Where to Find the Best Hiking Boots

How to Clean Hiking Boots?

Unless your idea of hiking involves only concrete tracks or trails paved with interlocking stones, you are definitely going to get your hiking boots dirty, sometimes very dirty.

Dealing with the dirt is not very much a difficult task if you know how to clean hiking boots, it’s not just enough to know how to clean hiking boots, it’s important to know how to clean them properly.

It is very necessary to clean your boots every once in a while or even after every adventure if your hiking preference includes the great outdoors.

How to Clean Hiking Boots

A Guide to a Clean Hiking Boots

You can start the cleaning process by walking through wet grass on the way home.

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the laces. It’s even easier to wash or clean the laces once they are off. The insoles go out next they can be washed or air-dried with baking powder to prevent them from getting smelly with sweat. 
  2. Carefully brush off any dirt deposits on the body of the boots. To remove any dried out and hard to remove dirt residues soak the stains with water for about an hour. It is never advised to submerge boots or any foot wear completely in water. 
  3. Scrub the boots using a soft bristled brush with water and mild detergents. Avoid using harsh or corrosive detergents that can cause undesirable texture and color changes to the boots.Treat more carefully of the boots are have soft leather or parts made with suede. Toothbrushes can come in very handy for scrubbing stubborn stains. There are actually brands of boot cleaners available for cleaning boots.

Freezing boots might sound a little weird but it is now a proven method for removing waxy substances stuck on boots that ordinary soaps and detergents cannot deal with.

You simply put the boots in a freezer bag and place it inside the freezer for just a few hours. Once frozen the waxy scum can easily be pulled or broken off.

  1. After scrubbing, use a wet cloth to wipe off the soap from the boots. It is never a good habit to leave soap or detergent lather on any washed item – including boots. 
  2. When you’re done with the washing the next step is drying. Avoid using direct heat-dry source like ovens, radiators or blow dryers to dry out your boots. Even direct sunlight should be avoided. It is always best to air-dry your wet boots.You can also pad up the inside of the boots with old newspapers to absorb the moisture from within and speed up the drying.


  3. Finally, once your boots are completely dry, pack them up and put them is a shoe box. Do not store them in airtight containers to prevent any odors from building up.

Where to Find the Best Hiking Boots

Where to Find the Best Hiking Boots

Now that you have learned a few extra tips on how to clean hiking boots, you can check out boot bomb to find out more about boots.


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