Troubleshooting Your Sky Remote TV

Have you got some functional problems on your Sky remote TV?

The Sky TV technology today that makes your television and movie viewing more personalized by controlling and programming what you want to see and watch on your television. Through Sky TV, viewing becomes more fun and convenient.

However, inconveniences may come when your Sky remote TV does not respond, and not knowing why so.

If this happens, do not panic. Most of the time, a simple troubleshooting will get your Sky TV back into its normal function.

Here’s what to do when your Sky TV isn’t working to resolve the problem and return to your normal viewing.

what to do when your sky TV isn't working

What to Do When Your Sky TV Isn’t Working

  1. Restart the Sky box

The simplest troubleshooting that you can do it be restarting the Sky box. Try turning it off then after two minutes, turn the Sky box again and see if starts to operate.

  1. Power reset

If you still cannot control the Sky box with your Sky remote TV, turn off the main switches of the TV and Sky box. When switching the mains on, you will notice that the power light on the Sky box is turning red. Wait for about five minutes before turning the box and the TV on, then press the Sky button on your Sky remote, and the welcome screen shows up.

  1. Check the remote control

You may have accidentally switched the button to TV mode, making the box unresponsive. Press the Sky button again to control the box. You may also check the battery condition of your remote control. The remote of your Sky TV won’t work if the batteries are weak.

  1. Update your software

Maybe it has been a while when you last updated your software since you bought it. To update your software, unplug your Sky box. Press the backup button of the box. Continue pressing it while plugging in the power until it turns on. Wait for a few minutes until it finishes updating the software, and it should then run smoothly. If you have done all the possible troubleshooting options given and still not have resolved it, contact the Sky Customer Service for a help. Don’t try to open the hardware as it may void the warranty of your gadget.

Sky Remote TV for Program Controls

Sky remote TV for program controls

Once you’ve set up your Sky TV, you can now use your sky remote TV for program controls once again. Access the remote with the code and you can then control and adjust the volume, play and pause the programs, and even record videos for replays.

Also, check out the guide and instructions manual of the package and see the many great things that you can do with your Sky TV. Additionally, if you have an Android device, downloading the Sky app will let you manage the Sky TV movies that you have downloaded.

Get the Most Out of Your Sky TV

Store movies, download apps, research on other possible things that you can do, and make your Sky remote TV your new favourite TV.