Place of Skulls, a doom metal band, was formed in 2000 by the ex-Pentagram guitarist, Victor Griffin.  He left Pentagram in 1996.  During the time in between 1996 and 2000, Victor Griffin became a Christian.  He quit drugs, got married, found his faith in Jesus and moved back to Tennessee, where he had grown up.

The band started out as a trio, Victor Griffin (guitar & vocals), Lee Abney (bass) and, Tim Tomaselli (drums).  Victor and Lee were lifelong friends and played together in a band before.  Members of “Place of Skulls” changed a few times through the years, because of logistics and pursuing other musical interests.  The current members are “Victor Griffin”, “Lee Abney” and “Minnesota Pete Campbell”.

The bands’ name is a biblical reference to Golgotha, also called, ‘place of the skull’, where Jesus Christ was crucified.  A whole lot of their lyrics are coming straight from the Bible and some passages out of the Psalms.  Victor sings songs about the Saviour, Jesus Christ, and all He did for the people of the world.

Four songs from their session for the first album, Nailed, were excluded because of the explicit Christian content.  These four tracks were featured years later on an Extended Play recording.