7 Basic Facts that Describe Entertainment Activities

Entertainment is a form of activity that keeps an audience’s interest and attention while it is happening.  The actions can give pleasure and delight an audience.

  1. Entertainment has the ability to attract attention by being fun, exciting and enjoyable.
  2. It includes actions that provide amusement or pleasure, to an audience and participants.
  3. Activities that make your spare time fun can be called entertainment.
  4. Entertainment covers all activities that enable people to have a joyful time, either through watching or participating in them.
  5. In Entertainment there is always the ones being entertained and the action or activity that Entertains. Entertainment is fun for both entities.
  6. Entertainment in whichever way enables people to relax and forget everything else for that time while they are entertained.
  7. Entertainment, therefore, is a distraction and a functional way to escape from everyday life and pressures.

Entertainment has been with Human societies for as long as can be remembered.  Over the course of history, different forms of entertainment can be found.  In Greece, you will find tragic theatre dramas and sporting games.  In Rome, they built the Colosseum to house their spectacular games, such as the Gladiators.  The English provided Shakespearean plays.

For each person, a different kind of activity can be experienced as entertainment.  Entertainment usually goes both ways.  The Entertainer enjoys the entertaining, and the entertained enjoys the offering, activity or action given.

For Example:

Reading a book, while the book provides excitement and pleasure in telling its story, it provides entertainment to the reader.

Writing the book entertains the author.

Playing a musical instrument entertains the player through the joy of playing it, and the audience through the enjoyment and pleasure of listening.

A game of sports is enjoyed by the players and spectators.  The players enjoy playing and the spectators like watching.

In most instances Entertainment goes, either way, the entertainer having fun while entertaining and the entertained enjoying the offered entertainment.

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